For Advertisers:

Pay-for-Performance Marketing Programs to Boost Your Advertising ROI.

Avoid the costly process of trial and error, with no guarantee of performance or ROI (Return on Investment). Save your time and money and effort on advertising programs - join one of the fastest growing networks in online advertising to become our merchant.

In our Pay-for-Performance advertising you pay commissions only when an affiliated Publisher's site produces results - that is, a customer clicks to your site AND performs an action you want (i.e. sign up for information or purchase) - not for empty clicks. No gambling on Pay-per-Click, and No questionable traffic quality and legitimacy. Affiliates need to generate quality leads to earn commissions.

Advertiser Benefits with Acclaim Network:

  • Increase your online revenue and ROI
  • Pay only for actual results (sales or leads)
  • Professional and courteous Customer Service, with 24/7 e-mail support
  • No costly software to install - our system is 100% web-based
  • We even monitor and process all payments to your affiliates

How to Become a Merchant?

How the Acclaim Network Affiliate Marketing Program Works

  • Advertiser registers with us and, upon our verification and approval, we set up a Merchant
  • Advertiser then uploads product links (banner and/or text) to our Network.
  • An affiliated Publisher interested in a particular Advertiser's program applies to have that Advertiser's permission to promote its products or services.
  • Immediately upon approval, Publisher may download Advertiser's creative ad media (banners or text) from our Network to place on its website.
  • When a user, visiting an affiliated Publisher's site, clicks on the Advertiser's ad and fills out a from and/or makes a purchase, Acclaim Network's system tracks the transaction and assigns it a unique ID number.
  • Acclaim Network takes care of the commission collection and affiliate payment disbursements. We also provide powerful reporting tools, which allow you to see relevant statistics in real time. All reports are easily downloaded to Excel.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We offer cost per action pricing model and high level programs management. With our developed affiliate network you can broad your business and increase your profit. Our convenient tools will help you track the development of the program and your growth.
It is a performance-based pricing model, where merchants pay when a specified action has been completed (e.g. a purchase, application form submission, a click). And as the affiliate marketing is based largely on cost-per-action (CPA) pricing model, it is possible to achieve a high ROI.
Acclaim Network will help you to execute affiliate datafeed. We will distribute high-quality data through multiple channels. We will offer you the ways to optimize your product datafeed which will positively affect on your sales, conversion rates and revenue.