For Advertisers:

Joining the Network

If you are specializing on offering credit products to consumers and businesses, then you might be willing to broad your audience and bring new clients to your site.

The Acclaim Network's team of professionals believes that with the Acclaim Network you can find solutions and get tools you need to become one of the best affiliate advertizing programs.

We can work with you to create your marketing strategy but our work is not enough if you want to maximize the results you can get from your advertizing programs. Read the suggestions below to make sure you and your website are ready for the affiliate invasion.

Prepare your website. First of all the site should be live and the pages where you are going to promote should be constantly updated. Then critically review your website. Do not miss a page. Optimize everything that can be optimized. If needed, refresh the site design. Unattractive website functionality and poor graphics may negatively affect your visitors and publishers who would like to promote you. Also think if you can provide publishers with direct product links and with a product catalog feed.

Define the goals and strategies. Decide what product you want to advertise: consumer credit cards, business credit cards, prepaid cards or loans. Think of promotional method and what you want to achieve: increase sales, increase brand awareness, or both. It is very important to create the strategy from the beginning - it will help you accomplish more with our pay-per-performance program.

Arrange program management. Make sure you have good technology to produce and distribute the creatives (links, banners, and content) to publishers. The affiliate manager and the supporting team are important as well, because you will need to review applications, push promotions and keep consistent communication with your publishers.

Unlike traditional marketing methods, our pay-per-performance program will let you measure the results and pay only when the desired action occurred. We offer transparent reports which will show you the whole picture of your products performance.

We offer two packages to choose from – a Total Advertiser Package and Advertiser Self-Service Package. The Total Advertiser Package: Acclaim Network plans, executes, and manages your affiliate program. A full service solution utilizing our extensive know-how of affiliate, pay-per-performance marketing on a fully outsourced basis, including:

  • Development of affiliates into super performers via education, incentives and ongoing contact
  • Full customer support for your affiliate publishers
  • Payment processing
  • Validation of leads and fraud prevention
  • Affiliate communications and public relations

The Advertiser Self-Service Package: you plan, execute and manage your own affiliate program, including:

  • Full utilization and access to our network
  • Use our powerful web-based software
  • Support and basic "how to" tutorials
  • Payment processing
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