For Publishers:

Send Quality Traffic and Earn Great Revenue.

You've developed a great site, filled its pages with compelling credit related content. Your site is aimed at the U.S. audience and shows high visitation numbers to prove it. Now convert a solid percentage of that traffic to cash! It's easier than you think when you join the Acclaim Network, one of the web's fastest growing affiliate networks.

Become an affiliate to attract customers who are interested in our merchants’ products and earn commissions for results (sales and leads generated). Acclaim Network has the technology and web-based tools to help publishers deliver quality, on-target traffic!

Publishers Benefits with Acclaim Network

  • Outstanding monetization of site traffic
  • Top payouts delivered quickly
  • Reliable tracking
  • Maximal ROI
  • Great selection of top-performing offers
  • Security and peace of mind

How to become an Affiliate?

How The Acclaim Network Affiliate Marketing Program Works

  1. Registration
    • Click: Create new account.
    • Fill in all the required fields.
    • Log in to your account.
    • Waiting for the account activation.
  2. Select products for promotion:
    • Go to: Merchants Join Merchant Program.
    • Apply to the Program.
    • Read Terms & Conditions.
    • Waiting for the application approvement.
  3. Select banners and get links to place on your website:
    • Go to the Program's available products.
    • Select products for promotion.
    • Select banners.
    • Copy the advertising code to use on your website.
    • Get the full advertising code to track clicks and impressions.
    • Or get the advertising link to track only clicks.
    • Use the SUBID parameter to customize your tracking.
    • You can enter your custom value instead of PARAM.

Our Advertisers:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Acclaim Network offers the opportunity to promote programs from top quality merchants. With our network an affiliate can promote different credit card related programs. We have many attractive and profitable programs. All the commissions earned in our programs are paid on a monthly basis. Our tracking systems and various reports will help our affiliates to analyze their productivity.
To become our affiliate you should have a website or websites devoted to credit cards to drive targeted traffic. Credit cards are our major product for advertisement. Also, your site needs to be fully functional at all levels; no "under construction" sites or sections are allowed. Please make sure you read the Affiliate Program terms and conditions before you apply.
No. But it is good if you use Internet Explorer when you manage your affiliate account to ease your work while you are logged in.